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Ultra-Light Carbon Fiber Trout Rod UL - SPINNING/CASTING

Ultra-Light Carbon Fiber Trout Rod UL - SPINNING/CASTING

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Product Description:

  • 🌟 Experience the next level of fishing with our Fast Carbon Fiber Trout Rod!
  • 🎣 Available in SPINNING and CASTING styles for versatile fishing experiences.
  • 📏 Choose from three lengths: 1.53m, 1.68m, and 1.8m to suit your preference and fishing environment.
  • 💪 UL Hardness and F fast Tonality ensure optimal performance and sensitivity.
  • 🪝 Designed for precision, with a bait weight range of 1-6g and line weight capacity of 2-8LB.
  • 🏞️ Crafted from high-tonnage carbon cloth, this rod is incredibly lightweight yet sensitive, enhancing your fishing experience.
  • ✋ High-sensitivity one-piece grip and triangular design provide clear perception and improved conduction sensitivity, preventing fish from escaping.
  • 💎 Equipped with SIC beveled smooth ceramic guide rings for smoother and more durable performance compared to ordinary rings.

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